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"Boats Against the Current"

Six minutes ago I called her.
She died Six months ago,
But insists on some life.
Now perhaps I shouldn't have called
A ghost. But all appears
Fine. We laugh, joking, more giggles.
No longer uncomfortable.
All appears Fine. I think
Mourning is over and it is a new day.
She is dead and her heart has stopped. But
Has mine? I wonder with Nothing
Else to say. I want to tell her.
Does she know what I mean and
Reminisce too? I miss you
She says. But I have to go,
As must I. Damn!
Why do I insist on dialing the number
Of a life that is gone?
This is the Last time I say
Good-bye forever, But
One more thing before I go...

{ B A C K }