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Mon Jul 14, 03:21:56 AM

i see her,
perched upon
the pedestal i've
placed her on.
i want what
i can't have.
i need what
she will never give me.
give it up
get your game up
shut the fuck up
she can't be
with you,
would you really
want to be with her?
i guess
the same is true
for her.
i've been
to think
about the
i want to
run away and
run toward her
at the same time.
like a moth
to the flame
burned by the fire,
my love is blind
can't you see
my desire.
i retire
i give up
i quit
ah shit,
i hate to
admit it
but i want
to be in love
share my life
open this heart
knock it down
the wall must fall
in love
we'll never be
i see her
but she doesn't
see me


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