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Wed Oct 08, 10:41:26 PM

i retreat
i surrender
this white flag
i wave to
all who see
the real me
can't deal
with the
real world
i sit here
do i plan
revenge on those
who have wronged me
or do i plan
to ask forgiveness
from those whom
i have wronged
the trauma
of our
head-on collision
has me wishing
we never met
but please let
me correct
these overly
cynical notions
about love's result
my just desserts
have been
fed to me
my veins
are crawling
with anger
and hate
that originate
from the pain
induced by my
inablity to persue
that which is
right for me
so i write these
silly lines of rhymes
trying to find
and i
just wish i
would fit in
the real world
boys and girls
the battle
is real
i reveal
the exclamation
only to find
more questions


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