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Without a reason to live,
Not even a reason to die,
He walked freely
Into the valley of darkness.
The date had been set
For the Great escape.
She appeared,
Held his hand, and
Walked with him in the darkness.
She was an angel,
Sent to show him that he
Too was an angel.
Hand in hand,
They flew away,
Out of the valley of darkness.

Now a reason to live,
Now a reason to die.
He promised to never
Let go of her heavenly hand.
Her embrace was peace,
Her smile a sunrise,
Her voice sweet music, and
Her eyes understanding.
The angel had saved him, and
He had saved her.
She was his reason,
He became hers.
When he looked into her eyes,
What he saw was himself.
They vowed to fly
To heaven together.
But she felt pain
In her wing, and she said
She would let go of his hand
Until she was better.
He promised to wait,
As long as forever,
And he smiled when he saw
The angel flying again.
He smiled until he saw
The angel find another's hand.
He called out to her, but
She covered her face
With her wings and flew away.
Without her heavenly hand,
His wings weakened and died.
And he fell,
Back into the valley of darkness.

Without a reason to live,
Not even a reason to die,
He waits in the darkness,
His hand outstretched.
He calls her name,
But she covers her face.
He calls her name,
But she knows him no longer.
And so the fallen angel weeps,
Alone in the darkness,
His hand outstretched,
For his silly angel.
He waits,
Alone in the darkness,
Without a reason to live,
Not even a reason to die.

{ B A C K }